The UT Energy Poll is the only consistent, nonpartisan survey that bridges the gap between public opinion and key private and public decision-making on all energy issues. This survey was rigorously developed and tested in 2010 and since its launch in October 2011, has maintained a biannual reporting presence with questions that are both stable year-to-year and unique to present situations. This method of polling produces a foundation of rich information about consumer perspectives that reflects current situations, as well as longitudinal data that can be analyzed for history, trends, and forecasting. Such information is instrumental for policy-makers, energy innovators, and industry leaders to engage in educated, meaningful dialogue about energy topics and make responsible, informed decisions about policy, technology, and products. Since its inception, the UT Energy Poll has been cited by numerous major news outlets, lending to its reputation as the preeminent resource to learn about consumer views on all topics energy.

The UT Energy Poll is supported by poll subscribers and by Dean Hartzell’s discretionary fund, which is challenged to support numerous other initiatives at the McCombs School. Conducting a biannual poll of this latitude demands a large amount of resources. Financial support helps UT Energy Poll administrators sustain their level of polling and reporting rigor, and expand on efforts to utilize this data to its fullest potential in order to optimally understand public opinion and knowledge on energy topics.

Become a UT Energy Poll Partner

UT Energy Poll Partners demonstrate their dedication to energy understanding and discourse through their support of this critical initiative. Corporate partners benefit by gaining access to in-depth data that reveals consumers’ perspectives on key energy issues and how those issues shape their decisions and their lifestyles. Corporate partners have no influence on the way the poll is conducted, but do benefit by gaining access to in-depth polling results and information. Depending on the sponsorship level, partners may receive:

  • Access to specific questions and full demographic details
  • Ability to disseminate poll information to constituents
  • Company name and logo on website and materials
  • Invitation to poll events


Contact Sheril Kirshenbaum or Lauren El-Assad to learn more about becoming a UT Energy Poll Partner.


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